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of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> more breaking news on the deadlmine explosion in west virginia. emergency crews have suspended the search now because the oxygen levels are too low. they are still trying to reach at least four missing miners but they admit the chance for survival is slim. it is the worst mining disafter ther in more than two decades. >> it is happening in raleigh county, west virginia. ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: ambulances surround the massey energy company's upper big branch mine in raleigh county, west virginia. about 0 miles south of charleston. dozens were working in the coal mine athe time. explosion. search crews are combing the mine looking for survivors. >> we are hoping they possibly made it to one of the refuge chambers that are in place on the working section. >> reporter: people are now holding onto hope that those missing are still alive. >> it is a rescue operation. it is definitely not a recovery operation. refuge chambers have the ability to have 9 # hours of oxygen in them. so we have time on our side. >> reporter: as crews work into
temperatures, 56-degree in washington. 56 in annapolis. 55 at quantico, virginia. 54 in gaithersburg. salisbury at 55 degrees. our temperatures are quite consistent. forecast if today, couple early morning showers and clouds. then this afternoon -- that is not the right page there. we'll see clearing skies as the day progresses. our high today will be in the low 60s. we'll fix that for you and get that for you shortly. >> good. i think we got better temperatures on the way which will be nice. >> yes, we do. >> i don't know about you but it was a late night and a rough morning because of that the caps loss. >> i stayed to the end. not a good idea. >> you and me both. now, is one and we're done and we have to win this one on wednesday night. on the roads, not looking so bad. as tony said vers he -- he was using the wipers. had an incident on the beltway near st. barnabas road. that has been cleared to the shoulder n virginia, 95 is looking good out of dumfries headed up towards the capital beltway. 66 headed eastbound. no problems to report as you continue in towards 13 making your way out towar
been happening overnight in virginia. 66 running smoothly as you travel in from centreville to the beltway. southbound 270 out of high hood as you leave mva coming into rockville, all the lanes are open. no problems reported on 95 and 295 out of laurel. still a quiet trip through northeast washington. if you are traveling northbound on 395, easy commute leaving the beltway as you guys continue northbound up to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. >>> the flames and smoke pouring from the roof of a home in prince george's county. this was along rambler drive in adelphi. not clear yet what sparked the fire. we are told one person was burned and taken to the hospital. two adults and four children would live in the home are all going to need to find a new place to stay for now. >>> following a still developing story, germany has reopened its air space this morning. worldwide flights to europe were grounded for six days because of ash from a volcano in iceland that posed the danger. sarah simmons joins us from the airport where some travelers are g
around through silver spring. no problems coming in out of virginia. don't forget about the summit taking place around verizon. a good portion of massachusetts avenue will be tied up between 9th and 1th streets and there will be additional closures because of parking. if you can, work from home, metro into work but beprepared for lengthy delays downtown today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our big story, julie touched it. you can expect a lot of traffic problems in d.c. for the next couple of days as world leaders are in town for a nuclear summit and security will be extra tight. >>> sarah simmons joins us live this morning. she is in northwest washington near the convention center with all the details. >> good morning. >> reporter: district transportation officials have been planning for this for days. as you can see behind me, there are already those fences that are up, barricades that are up and you will note is a military presence already in lace here around the convention center. -- in place here around the convention
. >>> now to west virginia where crews are continuing to make a long five-mile trek in hopes finding four miners alive. they got the all clear to are in the mine just minutes ago. rescue teams say they are prepared if a long, long day. they have their plans and they're ready to find the missing men. will thomas continues to bring us live reports from montcoal. >> reporter: four teams of rescuers should be inside the mine right now trying to get to the four missing miners. we are told it should take two to three hours to reach the area where they were believed to be. the # # rescuers are kayying about 30 pounds of equipment. the men had to shave off all their facial hair to get a tight seal around their oxygen mask. a total of 18 miners are still inside. all but four are now con furthermored dead. >>> crews focus you had on drilling multiple bore holes to remove the dangerous levels of methane and carbon monoxide. we are told as that ventilation process began, some of the workers at the top of the bore hole actually started getting sick and that is just how dangerous the air quality was.
marks three years since the tragedy at virginia tech and the push is now on to close the so-called gun show loophole in the state. we'll have details coming up next. >>> in the wake of the nation's worst coal mining disaster in 40 years, we are learning the deaths of 29 miners could have been prevented. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer  >>> today mark the third anniversary of the massacre at virginia tech. it was three years ago that a student shot and killed 32 people and then turned the gun on himself. today, students, staff and members of the community will hold a candlelight ceremony at the campus where a memorial has been erected to honor the victims. >>> a push is on to close the so-called gun show loophole. democratic congressman jim moran, bobby scott and gerald connelly sent a letter to their colleagues asking them to support a bill that would require private sellers to do b
in virginia, today is the last day to register if you would like to be eligible. >>> another story making headlines, a fishing trip turns tragic in virginia. >> a 5-year-old boy goes overboard. >>> the latest as crews continue to search for him. you are watching fox 5 morning news on this tuesday morning. ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. you. >>> mourners at west virginia's cap poll paused to remember the victims of last week's mine explosion. the trustees of a retirement fund which holds stock in massey energy has called for the ceo to resign. he says the company didn't manage the risks at the mine properly. massey has repeatedly been cited for problems with vent ligs. federal investigators are now trying to piece together what caused explosion ma killed 29 workers. >>> crews are work to recover all of bodies. they had to pull back yesterday as conditions became more dangerous. the virginia governor has restored $750 million for the state's budget for mine safety t had previously been cut
miners who were killed in west virginia's mine explosion. they spoke at a memorial service yesterday. four weeks ago, an underground explosion killed those miners. the president gave a somber eulogy. >> if any comfort can be found, it can perhaps be found by seeking the face of fwod who quiets our troubled minds -- the face of god would quiets our troubled mines, who mends our broken hearts. >> the pres promising to do whatever possible to prevent another mining disaster. >>> he wanted to seat president. instead, will see a judge. police arrested joseph mcveigh in north carolina on sunday. he is from ohio. officers say mcveigh had a car full of police gear including a siren and strobe light but he is not a police officer. he has only been charged with a misdemeanor. he did not get close to the president. >>> thousands of people rallied in arizona for the third day in a row angry at a enough new immigration law. some say it will lead to racial profiling by police. we get the latest on this from sherry ly. >> reporter: opponents of this new law in arizona are calling it racist. they sa
wright to see how the roads are looking. >> good morning to you both. we are busy in virginia on the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road. we do have two right lanes tied up right now because of the accident activity and this is in the direction coming from the springfield interchange headed north up towards 66. already, some slow going here on that inner loop as you travel up the west side of 495. outer loop of the beltway, not so bad leaving college park headed around towards 270-6789 southbound # 70 already starting to slow here as you work your way out toward the truck scale south of 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- southbound 270 already starting to slow here. >> thank you. >>> remembering civil right pioneer dr. dorothy height. a memorial service will be held this evening. dr.height's body has been lying in repose at the national council of negro women. dr.height was known as the godmother of the civil rights movement. mourners lined up for hours yesterday at a viewing to pay their final respects. fox 5 will have complete coverage has the natio
wants to reverse a ban on offshore drilling. areas off the coast of maryland and virginia could be included. speaking at andrews air force base, the president said the decision is part of a new energy strategy signed to reduce our imports of foreign oil. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on the drilling decision. >> reporter: at andrews air force base in prince george's county, maryland, president obama staking out a new claim on energy independence. >> so today, we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gags exploration. >> reporter: the president's plan includes opening up east coast offshore areas that have be off limits to drilling including virginia and maryland. >> drilling alone can't come close to meeting our long-term energy needs. and if the sake of our planet and our energy independence, we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuels now. >> reporter: it is a change of policy that moves the president closer to the position of drilling advocates. >> part of that vision is coming true today. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell, whose state boasts 112
loop, you want to stay to the right to avoid the work zone. as you travel 95 and 395 in virginia, everything wide open if you. 95 in maryland, we did have construction set up between 198 and 212 in both direction. here we are crossing the american legion bridge as you head into montgomery county, can you see everything is looking great. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> the big story this morning, charges dropped against a teenaged driver and the big story we are covering and police make two more arrests in last month's drive-by shooting. the d.c. attorney general announced the evidence against the 14-year-old just did not add up. police first said he was behind the wheel of the vehicle on march 30th. shooting spree on south capital street left four people dead. families of victims say they are shocked at this most recent announcement. >> they don't want to face the truth here. the truth is that our system has failed the city and they should face the truth that they made a mistake. they made a terrible mistake. >> i'm really confused because it is so
-time traffic. >>> a renewed rescue effort in west virginia as crews are working below the surface yet again to try and locate missing miners and bring the bodies of those declared dead back to their families. we get the latest from fox's craig boswell. >> reporter: for the third timed, rescue criewrz are inside the upper big branch mine trying to locate missing miners. officials believe this will be more direct and quicker. another anticipate a. tempt to search for missing mine -- another attempt to search for missing miners. crews are hoping the miners are inside the chambers with another food, water and okay general to last several days. >> i think we'll be in a position this evening -- or this morning to make a mad dash, if you will and that is because the two previous attempts have taken care of a lot of the exploration part of mine rescue operations as well as delivering a lot of equipment to the areas that we need to visit. >> reporter: mine officials are going to pump in liquid nitrogen to neutralize high levels of tox you can gases. >> we are in plan z now it seems like. >> reporter
, virginia at 45 degrees this morning. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for our region. clear skies here. up to the north, secure clear skies there. the rain has moved out. they've got nice recovery efforts or nice weather for the recovery efforts going on in new england. they will continue to see flooding for today in parts of the region has some of the rivers continue to crest. here is a look at the surface map. here what is we think will be going on if if you had and for the next 4 hours. -- for today and for the next 24 hours. high pressure is in control of our weather keeping things nice and calm and quiet. there is a cold front out to the west. you see the clouds associated with it. that will eventually work its way here. i think the main impact of the cold front will bring clouds in maybe saturday night. we really think the precipitation is going to break up before it gets here so i doubt we'll see anything. maybe some view ares to the west might see a riskle or two but that is about it. we look like we'll be pretty much rain-free for the next several days. forecast for
. jcpenney. >>> we have the latest now on that deadly mine explosion in west virginia. according to federal mine safety officials, the coal mine should have received a letter last october giving the mine's operator 90 days to improve the safety record. there was a computer glitch that left out several violation so the letter wasn't sent. federal officials say the mine operators substantially improved safety and letter wouldn't have prevented the tragedy that killed 29 last week. >>> senator ted deutch grabed a victory in boca raton, florida with 6 #% of the vote. his republican challenger had hoped public disdain for the health care bill will net him a win. he will now serve the remaining eight months of former representative robert wechsler's term and he will have to run in november for his own full term. >>> president obama plans to travel to poland for the funeral of the polish president an his wife. the victimmeds included 18 lawmakers. yesterday, dignitaries attended a mass to honor those who died. investigators think human error caused that plane crash. >>> first lady michelle obama m
miners killed in west virginia. he will deliver. eulogy at the public service on sunday. vice president joe biden will also be there. the april blast at the upper big branch mine killed 29 miners. president obama has ordered a review of mine safety records and is calling for stronger mining laws. >>> a series of unfortunate events is now police are describing the situation that led to the death of a 7-month- old baby in california. two parents left their daughter in the car after getting home saturday night. police say both adults thought another one took the infant n they went to bed. around 3:00 a.m., they slept until noon the income day. the next more than, the father left for the gym not realizing his infant was dead in the back of the car. >> both parents had seen the door to the child's room closed and had assumed the other parent put her in the crib. apparently she was a light sleeper so it wasn't their practice to go into the room so she wouldn't wake her up. >>> the u.s. department of education is repealing a policy carried over from the bush administration. it allowed schools
for the lane divide. no problems to report on the top side approaching and passing 109. traveling in virginia, it is northbound glebe rooted north of arlington boulevard but before you reach columbia pike there at eighth street, overfight crash took out a utility pole. we have that across the roadway northbound fwleeb road at eighth street remains closed. 395 looking good crossing over the 14th street bridge. -- northbound glebe road at eighth street remains closed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> new this more than, investigators piecing together what led to i aman's death in arlington this morning. >> sherry ly is live with more on this developing story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now, police are still remaining very tight lipped about what happened here in arlington. this happened at the wildwood park apartment complex. we're told it was 12:40 this morning when police arrived here for an incident, a problem that someone described as being crazy from what we understand. what happened after that at this point, we do not know. we do know tha
at the scene. if you are traveling in virginia, northbound i-95, incident-free but loaded up early this morning. delays out of woodbridge out of the prince william parkway continuing up towards lorton. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. >>> virginia is getting help from uncle sam in the wake of those back-to-back blizzards this past winter. president obama has granted a request for federal assistance to state and local governments that. declaration allows for federal money to help cover the cost for snow removal, damage and also related emergency services. >>> you can call day case of a conduct unbecoming a judge a maryland judge deplated a car's tire because a court hospital worker parked in the judge's parking spot. a special. >> you disht commission met to decide toe a possible pun issuement. >> reporter: the facts -- punishment. >> reporter: the facts are p not in dice putt. the car tires were deflated on a street where parks was restricted to those with permits. the delater was none other than the chief judge of the courthouse. he spent about two hours before the commission on j
and virginia. long-term planners say the stimulus money from 2009 was pretty much spent on maintaining projects already in the pipeline. now, there is not enough money left for the big budget project. some construction project will continue but other plans like widening route 50 have been scrapped now. >> there is about 10 projects in each jurisdiction give or take, 10 to 20 projects that are being delayed or withdrawn. >> i hope they help us out a little more. traffic is pretty bad in this area. that's for sure. >> no permanent decision has been made about scrapping or delaying the road project. proposal are being put out for 30 days of public comment. >>> metro's board of direct ors will begin discussions today on how to close the budget gap but the talk yesterday was about safety. metro's interim general manager was on the hill to tell congress about the challenges that lie ahead for the agency and the federal transit ad margs grilled metro on safety. >> when this occurs especially in so-called blind spots, operators have limited ability to slow the train. this is a grotesque violation of al
by the quake. >>> the fallout from last week's deadly mine explosion in west virginia is having ripple effects across the state. the governor has ordered all underground mines to be inspect the. set regulators will begin checking mines that have been warned about explosive risks within the last year. >>> another big story we are following, there is fallout over beating of a university of maryland student at the hands of prince george's county police. it happened on march 3rd in college park as students took to the streets to celebrate a maryland win over duke. >> 21-year-old jack mckenna is seen on the tape walking up to park police on horse back and get ago taxed by at least three phil jackson -- by at -- getting attacked by at least three prince george's county police officers. many wonder why other officers did not jump in and stop it. >> the guys on the horse back should have stopped those guys. they should have said wait a minute, you are committing a money here. this kid didn't do anything. >> everything is on the table and not just what we s
in montcoal, west virginia. will thomas joins us now with more. >> reporter: good morning. little all about hope and prayers right now for this community and the families of the four missing miners. they were inside the mine here in recally county, west virginia monday afternoon about 3:00 when the blast occurred. twenty-five others were killed. several dozen rescuers were evacuated from the mine tuesday morning because of high methane levels. crews have bulldozed an access road toe they can drill about 1100 feet down. they have to hit the area where the four miners are believed to be within about 0 feet. once the drills penetrate between noon and 2:00 this afternoon is the estimation, they will use high pressure fans to blow out the bad air and everyone here as you can imagine is praying if a miracle. here is the red cross representative. >> it is completely nerve wracking. it is maddening. it is saddening. every gamut of emotion that you could possibly go hroug is going through these folks right now. we are hearing that you are dealing with folks who are in shock, folks who have no reacti
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